Our Skin Care 



We believe the only way to achieve skin health is through the power of Science.  For this reason we carry only one skin care product line .   ZO® Skin Health skin care products provide a comprehensive approach to creating and maintaining healthy skin for anyone, regardless of age, ethnicity, unique skin condition or skin type.  ZO® 's advanced skincare solutions are based on the philosophy of creating healthy skin as opposed to treating disease and damage.  At BeautoxEtc, we carry the entire line of products, and have highlighted a few below.   Reach out directly to purchase or for questions. 


Getting Skin Ready

The foundation of healthy skin is a restored skin barrier function.  This system of cleanse, exfoliate and tone works synergistically to restore overall skin health.  In an 8 week clinical study, GSR was shown to reduce surface oil and the appearance of pores, improving overall skin texture. 

Step 2_Daily Power Defense.jpg

Daily Power Defense

Renews, protects and strengthens the skin barrier for healthier and more resilient skin.  It is formulated to achieve the perfect balance of water, lipids and proteins within the epidermis.  It also contains key ingredients to stimulate natural skin exfoliation for a healthy 6 week cycle of epidermal renewal.

Step 2_Growth Factor Serum.jpg

Growth Factor Serum

Formulated with a combination of plant and enzymatically derived growth factors, clinically proven to improve overall appearance of skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin's elasticity, restore hydration and reinforce the skin’s protective barrier.

Step 2_Wrinkle +Texture Repair.jpg

Wrinkle + Texture

A high potency retinol that reactivates the process of skin renewal to restore natural hydration, reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and improve the skin’s ability to retain hydration.


10% Vitamin C

Self Activating Serum

Provides a potent dose of Vitamin C that brightens and redefines the skin, promoting a more even skin tone and minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Also provides powerful antioxidants to help defend against environmental triggers.


3 Step Peel

An innovative, in-office treatment peel followed by an at home treatment to combat the signs of aging and skin discoloration.  Uses a blend of exfoliants, retinol and multi-action agents to help improve skin health and treat many signs of aging.